Pyrethrum, (Chrysanthemum), otherwise jastrun, as an annual plant, it has several species with different names. All annual chrysanthemums bloom from June to September and are used on: discounts, borders and cut flowers – depending on the height, which ranges from 15 do 120 cm. The seeds are sown in April or May for a cold inspection or directly into the ground, at a distance of 20X30 cm (except for Maruna, which should be sown in March-April-April for a cold inspection). The seedlings are picked and planted permanently in May. Gilding requires heavy soils, loamy-sandy, sunny position.

Tricolor chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum carinatum) grows up to a height 60 cm, the stem is thick, branched, double pinnate leaves, gray-green, thick. Single flower baskets, half and full diameter 4-6 cm, seated singly on long stalks. Marginal flowers in a basket can be, two-, or multi-colored with a different color at the base, which forms a ring surrounding the lower inner part of the basket. Among the varieties, they are better known: Merry mix – show. 50 cm, large inflorescences, Single, tricolor lingual flowers, colors arranged in rings: White, carmine red, yellow, middle black; Nordstern – show. 50 cm, large inflorescences. Single, lingual flowers are white with a yellow ring at the base of the petals, middle black; World Champion – show. 50 cm, a mixture of different colors and shades, large inflorescences, full or half full.

Coronary chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium) – plants with strong branching and straight stems, thick, erected. Double pinnate leaves. Single or full flower baskets with a diameter 4-10 cm, several at the ends of long stalks of the Variety: Tetra Cacilie – show. 120 cm, large inflorescences, Single, in diameter 8-10 cm, lingual flowers white with a yellow ring, yellow center; Tetra Comet – show. 120 cm, large inflorescences, Single, in diameter 8 cm, golden-yellow lingual flowers, yellow center.

Maruna or golden chamomile (Chrysanthemum partenium – syn. Pyrethrum parthenium golden) – it grows up to the height 30-40 cm, the stems are branched, golden yellow leaves, deep cut, curled and serrated. Small flower baskets, collected in corymbose, marginal lingual flowers, White.

Maruna or full-flowered chamomile (Chrysanthemum parthenium fl. pl. syn. Matncana exceptional) – show. 15-25 cm, compact habit of the plant, light green leaves, strongly cut, with a characteristic smell. Inflorescences in the shape of full baskets, almost spherical, in diameter 4 cm, collected in apex, very numerous corymbose. Marginal lingual flowers, middle – tubular Varieties: Gold ball – golden yellow; Snowball – pure white; Tom Thumb – show. 20 cm, pure white; White star – show. 15 cm, pure white.

Field pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum crop) – show. 50 cm, branched stems, the leaves in the lower parts are pinnate, in the higher ones – serrated. Single flower baskets, in diameter 3-5 cm, lingual flowers. Variations: Eldorado – canary yellow dark center; Helios – golden yellow, clear center; Paradts – lemon yellow, middle black; Yellow stone – light yellow, full inflorescences.