Permanent chrysanthemums are grown in rebates, groups and, above all, cut flowers. The seeds are sown in May – June to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. They are planted permanently in September, spaced 20X30 cm. They require well-cultivated soil, sunny position, but they can also grow in partial shade. The more famous species are:

Chrysanthemum proper, also called daisy, (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum) – show. 30-120 cm. It has upright stems, a bit angular, branched, lanceolate leaves, serrated, shiny. Large baskets, set on leafy tops, single or branched, stems. The marginal flowers are lamellar, White; middle – tubular, yellow. It blooms from June to August. The variety on sale is May Gueen – very early, blooms from May to July. Single inflorescences, in diameter 8 cm, pure white. They reach height 70 cm.

An even more reliable species is Chrysanthemum maximum, colloquially known as garden chamomile or great gilding. Its variation Polaris grows into 120 cm, the inflorescences are very large, Single, in diameter 16-17 cm, pure white. A late variety, with slightly smaller flowers, is a Riesenst. It has snow-white flowers.

Pink chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum crimson) it grows up to the height 80-90 cm. It has upright stems, pinnate leaves, oblong. Large flower baskets, Single, embedded on the tops of the stems. Marginal flowers (lingual) – pink and red; middle (tubular) – yellow. It blooms from June to August.