Reservoir with water plants (pond)


Reservoir with water plants (pond) it is pleasing to the eye, and at the same time makes the rest in the garden more attractive. Due to the requirements of aquatic plants, the decorative tank should be located in a sunny place. Moreover, it should be placed away from trees and shrubs, for falling leaves pollute the water.

There are many plants, which can be grown in a water reservoir. Because the regulations of the employee allotment garden define the maximum area of ​​this type of pools (do 3 m²), having such a tank on the plot, we have to decide on some - the prettiest.

The most magnificent of the aquatic plants growing in our country, there is a white water lily (The nymphs white), popularly known as a water lily. The graceful large flowers of the water lily have intense shades of red, pink and yellow. They bloom from June to September, and one plant produces up to a dozen flowers. These flowers can be cut out and put into vases in the apartment, where they have a very nice effect. To prevent the flowers from closing, put them on after cutting 15-20 minutes in full sun. The cultivation and propagation of these plants is quite simple. It is best to plant mycelium in large pots with a hole in the bottom. We fill these vessels with fertile compost soil, with unfolded truss and place on the bottom of the tank. For horticultural varieties, a tank depth of approx 50 cm. Depends on the depth of the tank, different varieties can be chosen: to shallower waters (20-40 cm) – weakly growing and strongly growing to deeper reservoirs – 50-150 cm. Just dwarf forms, characterized by short stems, and at the same time large and beautiful flowers, they are the best decoration of our tanks.

Mushrooms require a clay soil, heavily fertilized with fertilizers, that's why I mentioned a cowboy, but also the addition of bird manure is recommended – on 1 cubic m of clay – 5 kg, respectively – 10 kg of cow, 2-3 kg of filings or horn chips. Mushrooms like well-sunny positions; they bloom much less in slightly shaded places. We breed them easily by dividing in April – Up, each part of the rhizome should contain at least one bud. Cultivars do not always set seeds. One plant takes approx 1 m² of water surface.

Very decorative, triangular-sagittal leaves have a water arrow (Sagittaria sagitlifolia), about white flowers, red spotted. It is planted in completely shallow water, because it grows to height 30-80 cm, and in the deeper it develops badly. It blooms from June to August. It grows strongly.

You can also plant a water particle (Hippuris vulgaris), a plant with a specific habit, resembling the foliage of horsetail. It is a plant of shallow marsh waters. It grows heavily and its excess must be removed in small tanks.

The umbellate is more decorative (Butumus umbrellas). It has grass leaves, heights 60-100 cm and does not grow too much. It is planted in shallow reservoirs – 10-25 cm. The flowers gathered in umbels are pink in color. It blooms from June to August. It reproduces by dividing plants.

A very short plant (height 15 cm) there is a marshland (Calla marshes). I have but, heart-shaped, leathery leaves and greenish flower cobs.

Żabieniec is very popular (,Alisma plantain), also called a water plantain. It has long leaves, do 50 cm. It blooms white from June to August. It is planted in water to a depth 10-25 cm, and it multiplies by seed or by division.

You can also plant some plants usually kept in aquariums, like for example. rosette pistia (Pistia stratiotes).

The beauty of the water reservoir can be enhanced by properly arranged surroundings. Plants that require a moist position harmonize best with the water, which is created artificially, adding a lot of peat to the soil in the vicinity of the reservoir. Tawułki are suitable for such plantings, funkie, irises and some grasses, like for example. sedge, manna.