Worried (Limonium) it grows up to the height 30-60 cm. Its stems are erect. The leaves are quite large, ovoid-oblong, form a rosette at the base of the plant. Flowers paniculate or in the form of twisted ears. Small flowers, very numerous, white color, yellow, blue. Blooms from June to September. It is used for planting perennial beds, rock gardens, and mainly cut flower for dry bouquets and wreaths. Flower shoots should then be cut, when all the flowers in the inflorescence are already developed. We sow the seeds in April or May for a cold inspection or on a seedbed. Requires quilting. Permanent places should be planted in August or September, spaced 25X30 cm. Requires fertile soil, permeable, rich in lime and sunny position.

The following species are grown:

Lemon grass – perturbed dumosa – show. 40 cm, silver-gray flowers, panicles very large.

Campanula tatancum ineanum – zatrwian Tatar – show. 35 cm, white flowers, collected in dense spikelets, these in paniculate inflorescences.

Limonium latifolium – rough-leaved puffiness – show. 60 cm, light blue flowers, collected in 1-2 spikelets, these in paniculate, highly branched inflorescences.