The use of trunks and branches of felled trees

The use of trunks and branches of felled trees.

The wood of felled trees in the form of various branches and sections of trunks is an excellent material for use in various ways. Therefore, it should not be used as fuel. Not every tree is also suitable for sawn timber. In the wood of very old trees, missile debris from the war times is often found. This mainly applies to trees growing in cities and places, which were the battlefields. Processing the wood of such trees into sawn timber is understandably difficult. However, wood is like that, and the like of little use for other purposes, can be used to make various garden items. Various logs are very grateful material for play purposes, logs, branched branches, etc., which, placed in playgrounds, even in a completely raw state, they are always a great attraction for children. Such wood can also be treated as a material for making various forms of the so-called. play arts. The attractiveness of the wood used in this way is even greater. The great advantage of wood over other materials used in children's playgrounds should be emphasized, due to its physical properties.

The wood of felled trees can be very widely used in home and allotment gardens. You can make blocks for seats or benches from different pieces, various pieces of garden architecture, etc.. Such wood is also a material sought after by artists.