September in the garden - Gardener's Calendar.

September in the garden - Gardener's Calendar.

Wanting to get a very early spring vegetable harvest, we sow winter lettuce and spinach in September and harvest it in this hand – radish.

September is the best planting date for rhubarb, the cuttings of which we get by dividing the carp with a sharp spade.

The beauty treatments performed this month can be replaced:

– systematic removal of weeds, to prevent the seeds from ripening and spilling out,

– top dressing of Chinese cabbage with nitrogen, but only until the middle of the month, you can also feed leeks and kale,

– removal of seed shoots of lettuce chicory,

– whitewashing plants of winter endive and cardoons.

We keep collecting all this month: broccoli, celery, trêt-wian, artichokes and cardoons.

We also collect fruit, remembering, to take them off the fruit trees at the right time – neither too early nor too late, because only then they keep well, take on the right color and taste. A practical hint may be the number of falls under the trees. Another indicator, on the basis of which we decide on the date of harvest, is the ease with which the fruit stalk leaves the shoot.

In September, you need to prepare the soil for the autumn planting of fruit trees and shrubs, properly fertilizing it, digging deeply and leveling it.

Roses bloom in the decorative part, Japanese anemones, cold, gilding and autumn asters. Late varieties of flames also bloom, horned violets and Icelandic poppies and dahlias. During this time, we no longer fertilize ornamental plants, but in the event of drought it is worth watering them, thanks to which their flowering period will be extended. Faded inflorescences are also cut off, in order not to weaken the plants by unnecessary seed production.

Until mid-September, we can plant or replant coniferous shrubs and shrubs with winter hardy leaves, as well as establishing new lawns.

In early September, you should start preparing the site for bulbs, mainly tulips.

We collect flowers for dry bouquets. Cut plants are tied in bunches and hung with their heads down, in a dark, airy place to dry.