Wild strawberry

If we want to produce the seedlings ourselves, then at the end of February or in March, we sow seeds into boxes or plastic boxes filled with compost soil with an admixture 1/3 peat and 1/4 sand volume. A 10m² plot is required for planting seedlings 0,4 g nasion. After sowing the seeds, crush them and cover them with a two-millimeter layer of sand. Cover the box or box with glass and initially shade it. The soil must be sprinkled daily. When the seedlings begin to appear, you need to remove the shade, to provide plants with maximum light. The seeds can also be sown directly into the ground, but only in May or early June. Young seedlings, when they have 2 or 3 leaves, we quilt and what 10 days we feed with a solution of mineral fertilizers (in proportion – on a watering can 30 g of potassium salt 40%, the same amount of superphosphate and calcium ammonium nitrate). From the moment of sowing seeds to planting into the ground (in May) usually elapses 80 days. This term (May) it is so much more favorable, that fruit can be obtained in the same year, and in the following years the yield will be greater. Wild strawberries are planted in a row system, spaced 60X25 cm or in wide beds 120 cm, determining what 30 cm rows across the beds, and in the rows keeping the distance between plants equal to 25 cm.

The most important care treatments in the cultivation of wild strawberries are:

– early spring picking and burning of dry leaves, last year's leaves, which can be a breeding ground for diseases;

– several times, as the weed, hatching between rows;

– fertilization, mostly organic, applied before the plantation was established. In the first year of fruiting, fertilizing is superfluous. Only in the second year of the plantation, if we want to keep it through 3 patch, we give: 25 dag saletrzaku, 25 dag of potassium sulfate, 15-20 day superphosphate – on 10 m2. If we have difficulty getting these fertilizers, we use fertilizer mixtures in the fall, e.g.. MIS 3 in dose 50 day after 10 m2;

– watering as needed;

– removal of rotting fruit during harvest.

Diseases and pests of wild strawberries.

The most common diseases of wild strawberries are: white leaf spot and gray mold, also found on strawberries.

The most common pests: flower raspberry, spider mite and strawberry mite. Fighting them is very difficult, because of the long flowering period of wild strawberries. Therefore, you should try to plant healthy material and avoid heavy soils, wet or too dry. Wanting to protect the wild strawberry plantation against the diseases and pests mentioned above, shortly before flowering, you can spray it with Sadofos and Kaptan in concentration 0,5% and at the beginning of flowering with Kaptan – 0,25%.