Daphne's laurel – Złotlin – Varicose veins

Daphne's laurel

Daphne's laurel (Daphne mezereum) is a small shrub up to 1 m, thick, straightened, weakly branched shoots. The leaves are elongated, length 3-8 cm, clustered at the tops of the shoots. It blooms very early, before leaf development, often already in March. The flowers are pink, diameter approx 1-2 cm, fragrant, embedded in bunches on twigs. In summer, it adorns with its red berries, which are unfortunately poisonous. Wawrzynek grows well in full sun and partial shade. Requires calcium-containing soil.


Złotlin (Kerria) it is a small shrub with a dense habit and light green shoots. Vivid green leaves, lancetowate, double serrated. Yellow flowers, in diameter 3-4 cm (there is a variety with full flowers); blooms in May – june. Requires a warm position, fertile soil. It grows gradually with the help of underground runners, which are used for the reproduction of this plant.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins (Deutzia) is a low shrub, growing up to height 1 m. It has lanceolate leaves, rough, sharply and finely incised. Flowers pink outside, inside white, bell-shaped, diameter up to 2 cm, appear in June – July. Very young bushes are blooming, shortly after planting. The flowers are gathered in rich panicles at the ends of the shoots.

The most popular are: varicose veins slender – about snow-white flowers, varicose veins pink – about white-pink flowers. The disadvantage of varicose veins is their insufficient frost resistance, however, they have the ability to quickly regenerate from the roots. It grows well under average conditions, however, the soil must not be too heavy. Sunny places are the best for the variator.