Bitter dressing


Bitter dressing (Iberis) it grows up to the height – depending on the species and variety – 25-30 cm and shrubs low. The leaves are lanceolate, tiny flowers, many, gathered in dense clusters or umbels at the top of the stems. It blooms from June to August. The flower structure is four-fold, they are color: white, pink, red and purple. This plant is grown primarily for the edge of a bed. After flowering, the plants can be trimmed, then they bloom again in the fall. We sow the seeds in March or April for a semi-warm inspection or in April – May straight to the ground, spaced 10X15 cm. It grows well in any garden soil, likes a sunny position. We have a choice of races: Iberis amara coronaria, variety Empress – show. 25-30 cm, large flowers, White, gathered in clusters; Iberis bitter hyacinthiflora – show. 25-30 cm, white flowers, collected in long inflorescences similar to those of a hyacinth (hence the name – hyacinth); Iberia umbrellas – show. 25-30 cm, flowers collected in umbels, varieties: White, dark lilac, Rosa Cardinal – pink, Tetra Vulcan – dark pink red