It's time to cut trees

It's time to cut trees.

The most appropriate time to cut most tree species is during the winter dormancy. However, some tree species - such as maples, for example, chestnut trees, elms and nuts should be cut after the vegetation has clearly started. If these trees are cut earlier, they cannot stop the leakage of juices at the cutting sites. This phenomenon is being observed, even when there were longer-lasting positive temperatures in February, and the cut was made in January. The leakage of the sap causes a loss of dissolved nutrients in them and may contribute to the infection of the tree at the cut.

Trees can also be cut in full vegetation. However, one should take into account the reduced visibility of the inside of the crown, therefore, not every goal can be achieved by cutting during this period. Removal of leafy shoots and branches is a loss of the organic substances that are valuable for the tree. However, it is highly recommended to carry out cutting correcting the structure and habit of young or transplanted trees at this time. Early removal of the wrong shoot or its shortening may cause others to sprout during the same growing season, more desirable.