The role of trees

The role of trees in our time is becoming more and more important in relation to the need to protect and shape this environment, which is in a state of progressive threat. We strive for this in shaping cities and neighborhoods, that trees become more and more part of the human environment, his house, places of work and rest.

We can be proud, that we have over 20 thousand. ha of parks and green areas and many more wooded places available every day. There, trees are the basic material that shapes the microclimatic conditions for relaxation. They almost always play an important role in shaping aesthetic values.

However, to make these trees, as living organisms, be able to perform their tasks as well as possible, their proper selection is necessary, arrangement and proper connection with all elements of the environment. Planted trees must be properly cared for throughout their lives.

However, there is a huge and worrying neglect in this respect, leading to disturbances in growth and development, to construction distortions, various types of damage and collisions with the environment. As a result, trees die prematurely or need to be removed.

For many years we have witnessed the dieback of thousands of trees injured during the last war. Beautiful old trees without elementary care are also dying. The condition of even very young trees is also very dangerous, but neglected or nurtured improperly.

There are many reasons for this state of affairs. One of them is undoubtedly the lack of appropriate professional literature, gardeners specialized in this work, lack of appropriate tools and equipment.

It is of great importance to learn about the basic life activities of trees and the ecological factors that determine the development of a tree. It is equally important to know the causes of disturbances and damage, which, inhibiting the growth of trees or destroying them, ograniczają lub wstrzymują ich dobroczynne działanie.

Therefore, in this work, intended primarily for gardeners, necessary information in this field has been presented, allowing you to understand the different purposes of many of the beauty treatments discussed here. As far as possible, the latest achievements of various experienced specialists were also taken into account, a przede wszystkim M. Maurera, To whom we would like to express our sincere thanks for their help and valuable information.