The flagship form of trees

The flagship form of trees

In their flagship form, many species of fruit trees are cultivated in France, mainly on small farms in the Loire Valley. The formation of flagship crowns requires scaffolding made of posts and horizontal wires. One-year trees are planted diagonally in rows distant from each other by 3-4 m. The guide is tied to the wires at an angle of 45 ° to the horizontal. Shoots throwing on the conductor are also tied to the wires leading them in the opposite direction to the conductor. The trees stretched on the wires in this way form a row high up to 2 m (Lynx.).

Lynx. Flagship plums

Tree growth towards the inter-row is limited by appropriate pruning.

The advantage of the flagship form is the low height of the trees caused by the diagonal position of the guide. The disadvantage - the need to use scaffolding and tie all branches to the wires. The flagship form was not widely recognized in courts.