Tawula – Wajgela


Tawula (Brake) they form a group of shrubs of a very diverse form. It is about growth, leaf shape and flower structure and flowering season. We practically divide tawoules into two groups: blooming in spring and summer. Spring-blooming Tawulas usually have white flowers, while in the summer from white through pink in various shades to red and purple. The most popular and glamorous are 2 species – early tawuła (Spiraea arguta), blooming in mid-May and van Houtte's tavern (Spiraea vanhouttei), similar to the early tawula, but blooming a little later – at the end of May. Tawuły is undemanding – they grow well in sun and partial shade, on any soil. Because tawoules grow up to 2 m, and they spread their branches quite wide, you need them what 2 years to x-ray, and even shorten branches that are too long. This operation is done at the end of winter, a prunes after flowering, shortening by 1 /3 length.

Wajgela – bush

Wajgela (Weigel), also called shrub, it is a small shrub with almost caulkless leaves, oval-ovate, pointed, finely cut and with funnel-shaped flowers. Most of them are carmine in color, pink and red in different shades, sometimes very dark. They bloom in June and July.

The flowering shrub is better known (Weigela florida) – medium tall shrub. Elliptical leaves with a hairy main vein on the upper side of the leaf and hairy veins underneath. Big flowers, pink, blooms in May – june.

Wajgela blooms best on fertile, moist soils, so before planting it is a good idea to add some compost or rotten leaves to the soil. It grows in sun and partial shade. It is resistant to frost, even if it freezes, it grows back easily in spring. X-raying must be carried out, when it begins to develop leaves – then you can see, which twigs froze. It is pruned after flowering.