Diagonal cords

Diagonal cords

Diagonal cords differ from vertical cords in this regard, that they are inclined at an angle of 35-45 ° to the earth's surface. They are carried out at the scaffolding composed of posts and stretched over them 4 horizontal knitting. Galvanized wires with a diameter of 2-3 mm are unfastened every 0,5 m one from the other (Lynx.).

Lynx. Diagonal cords.

One-year-old apple and dwarf pear trees are planted in a row 1 m. The distances between the rows should be from 2 do 3 m.

The specimens must be planted diagonally (at an angle of 30-45 °). After planting the trees, we proceed in the same way as when forming vertical ropes. Leave unbranched buds without pruning by watering them abundantly after planting. Branched grafts must be trimmed. Primarily, these side shoots require pruning, which are located on the upper side of an oblique maiden. We remove the strongest shoots, and the weaker ones are shortened to three buds. Shoots located on the underside of the maiden can not be cut as they will not grow, but they will turn into short fruit-bearing branches (Lynx.).

Lynx. Pruning apple trees after planting when forming diagonal ropes.

In summer, the conductor should be tied to wires as it grows, or even better to a stick. For the first time in June, we pinch the striking side shoots over the 3-5 leaves. Secondary shoots, appearing after the first pinching out must be re-cut in July or August, but shorter, over 2-3 leaves. The spring cut complements the summer cut. Then shorten the side shoots growing directly from the guide over 3-5 holes, and the shoots growing from the twigs above the 2-3 eyelets.

In second, in the third and fourth years, the molding treatments are the same as in the first year. We lead the diagonal cords up to the height 2 m. Cutting formed diagonal cords is similar to cutting vertical cords. On diagonal ropes, strong increments appear mainly on the upper side of the conductors. On the underside there are short shoots which give little growth and therefore rarely require pruning (Lynx.).

Lynx. Short cuts of formed diagonal ropes.