Shiny sage


Shiny sage (Shining sage) It is mainly grown for planting large flower beds and rebates. The stalks are bare, square, branched, raised up. Ovate leaves, serrated. Flowers in two-flowered pancakes, are gathered in long inflorescences (15-20 cm) at the ends of the stems. Due to its quite "flashy."” effect, which does not always harmonize with the background of small gardens, sage must be used in moderation. It blooms from June to October. Plant height – 15-40 cm. Seeds are sown from January to March in the box, in a greenhouse or for a warm inspection. Requires double quilting (the second time we dive into the pots). They are planted in permanent places at the end of May, spaced 20X40 cm. As soon as it catches up, you have to cut off the ends of the shoots, for the plants to branch out strongly. Requires well-drained fertile soil, sufficiently moist, hotter, sunny position.

The following varieties are grown: Dolores – show. 28-30 cm, length inflorescences 14 cm, flowers are moderately compact, fiery red; Fire ball – show. 40 cm, length inflorescences 20 cm, flowers arranged loosely, shiny, fiery red; Fire spell – show 25-30 cm, numerous inflorescences, length 15 cm, flowers loosely arranged, fiery red; Midsummer fire – show. 25-30 cm, compact plant habit, long inflorescences with scarlet-red flowers; Juwa fire – show. 25-30 cm, compact habit, long inflorescences with scarlet-red flowers; Purple flame – show. 30 cm, compact plant habit, long inflorescences with dark purple flowers, purple crown; Rothaeppchen – show. 2.5-30 cm, compact plant habit, long inflorescences with densely arranged flowers, scarlet red; Little Scarlet – show. 15-20 cm, compact plant habit, medium-long inflorescences with large scarlet flowers; torrador – show. 20-30 cm, compact plant habit, spherical, long inflorescences, with densely planted flowers, shiny, scarlet red.