Crocus saffron – Spring snowfall – Autumn wintertime


Spring saffron, that is, spring crocus (Spring crocus), it has a spherical, slightly flattened tubers, diameter up to 5 cm, with reticular scales and blooms in pre-foliage in March – April. Height 5-7 cm. The crocus is propagated from tiny tubers around the mother plants. Tubers, depending on size, is planted in depth 5-10 cm, at distance 5 cm plant from the plant. They are dug up after a few, and even a dozen or so years. Crocuses like calcareous soils, sufficiently permeable, with an admixture of humus, sunny or slightly shaded positions. Planted on lawns, they die after 3-4 years, not withstanding the competition of grasses or eaten by mice.


Spring snowfall (Leucojum springtime) is a small plant (height 20-30 cm) planted with other spring perennials among shrubs or in special beds. It has spherical onions, diameter 2-2,5 cm, from which sparse even narrow leaves grow, length 10-15 cm Inflorescence shoots are usually single-flower, are released in March – April. Perianth leaves are white with a yellowish patch near the top, Śnieżyca, visible on both sides, is planted in August, co 10 cm, in depth 6-8 cm. It stays in one place for several years.


Autumn wintertime (Colchicum autumnal) is one of the few bulb plants that bloom in late autumn. Forms ovoid tubers, in a thick husk, brown. It is a poisonous plant, used in medicine. They sprout from tubers in early spring 3-4 leaves, broad lanceolate, length to 30 cm, widths to 5 cm, which get dry in April. The flower appears from August to October, has a very long one (10-15 cm) a tube rising straight out of the ground, crocus-like petals, but a bit narrower and sharper, usually lilac-pink. There are also varieties with white and purple-violet flowers. Winter plants are suitable for beds of low rock-type plants. They require fertile, moist soil and sunny or semi-shaded locations. The tubers are planted in depth 15-20 cm, depending on their size. In spring, do not cut the leaves after they are dry. They can grow in one place for a long time. The plant is propagated by adventitious tubers, separated during the summer rest, or from seeds sown immediately after harvest.