Decorative plants



Suchlin (Helipterum), also called dry-milk, it grows up to the height 20-60 cm and is used for planting a rebate, it is also used for cut flowers, mainly intended for dry bunches. The stems are thin, stiff, unbranched. Small leaves, even narrow or lanceolate. Small and medium-sized flower baskets, embedded singly or corymbose on long stalks. Flowers in the middle of a tubular basket; the outer leaves are dry-membranous, colorful, shiny, arranged radially in many rows, tile-like overlapping. Blooms from June to September.

The seeds are sown in April for a cold inspection or in May directly into the ground. Permanent places are planted in May or already sown are broken, leaving the plants in the distance 15 cm one from the other. Requires light soil, carious, sunny position. Inflorescences should be cut undeveloped, then, after drying, they will not fall apart.

There are three species:

Hetipterum Humboldtianum – show. 30 cm, small flower baskets, many, embedded in baidach-like panicles. Variety Ga!b-knoepfehen has pale yellow flowers, shiny;

Hetipterum Marsglesii, that is Mangles' biscuit – show. 30 cm, all tubular flowers, yellow or purple. Outer casing leaves on the basket are dry, shiny, arranged radially, White, Red, pink or pink with a dark red blotch at the base.

The pink Hetipterum – ruches pink – show. 50-60 cm, large inflorescences, full or half full. Variations: White, Red, pink.