Daisy (perennial wars) is a perennial, but it is grown as a biennial plant, because it blooms most beautifully and profusely in the second year after planting. It is used to fill a discount, border, for cut flowers and for balcony boxes. It grows and blooms best in full sun or partial shade, requires fertile soil, moderately moist. The leaves have a blade, serrated or notched, collected in a mundane rosette, stems with one flower basket. Flowers in baskets (single or full) they are lamellar or tubular. The basic colors of the daisies are; White, pink in many shades and carmine. These plants bloom profusely from April to June and, under good conditions, repeat flowering in early fall. The seedling of the daisies is obtained in the same way as the pansies. It is planted in April, but you can and later, because it tolerates transplanting well, even during flowering. The spacing between plants should be 10-15 cm, and for strong growing varieties – 20 cm. The seeds are sown in June – July to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. A convenient way to reproduce daisies is to divide the bushes in August or at the beginning of April of the following year. Each well-developed specimen is divided into 4 parts and plant it like a seedling. Many breeds and varieties are cultivated.

D perennial wars. pl. monstrous – show. 15 cm, large flower baskets, full, in diameter 4-6 cm, lingual flowers often have a contrasting white color on the outside and inside of the petals, Red, pink.

D perennial wars. pl. pornponette – show. 12-15 cm, flower baskets on long stalks, small, in diameter 2,5-3,5 cm, very full, formed of white or red tubular flowers, salmon pink in various shades.

D perennial wars. pl. radar – show. 15 cm, large flower baskets, full, in diameter 4-6 cm, lingual flowers rolled into needles, which open up as they bloom, in white and red.

D perennial wars. pl. super huge – show. 15-20 cm, the first baskets of ligament flowers are very full and large, in diameter 7-10 cm, on short stalks, then they become smaller and less full. Variations: Crimson Bali – lipstick, shining; Rosa Bali | – carmine pink, Salmon Bali – pink-and-red; White Bali – White.

D perennial wars. pl. carpet – show. 10-12 cm, compact habit of the plant, small flower baskets, in diameter 2,5-3,5 cm, very full. Variations: White, Red, pink.

D perennial wars. pl. tubular – show. 15 cm, large flower baskets. full, sometimes half full, in diameter 4-6 cm. Variations; Athena -dark red; Bernina – White, it turns pink as it blooms; Monte Rosa – pure pink; Titlis – carmine.