Pruning apple varieties Jonathan, Idared i Golden Delicious.

Pruning apple varieties Jonathan, Idared i Golden Delicious.

These three varieties are characterized by poor growth and a tendency towards abundant and regular fruiting. Crowns form small, spreading, highly compacted, their limbs are slender, hanging branches. Flower buds are formed abundantly both on short shoots and on long annual increments. Even at a young age, trees tolerate pruning well and begin bearing fruit early.

When cultivating these varieties, it is rarely necessary to regulate the height of trees or the span of the crowns. The trees fit perfectly between 6X4 m. These trees, on the other hand, require intensive light cutting, which should include both limb thinning, thick branches and cutting very small shoots. Do 10 When the trees are old, the branches should be thinned, of which there are about 15. You can reduce their number to 10. Later, attention must be paid to the need to cut a large number of small shoots, especially in the cultivars Jonatan and Golden Delicious. The dangling ones must be removed, threadlike perennial shoots, which generally bear small fruit (Lynx.).

Lynx. X-raying apple trees of Jonatan variety.

Flabby branches around the perimeter of the crown need to be thinned, so that they do not overlap, because then many apples do not get the proper blush. To avoid green apples, the tops of the lower branches should also be shortened, because they often lie down on the ground.