August in the garden - Gardener's Calendar

August in the garden - Gardener's Calendar.

August is the last month of sowing and planting aftercrop vegetables for autumn or early winter harvest. Everyone is free, and there may be several of them, a piece of the bed should be used even more, that the vegetables sown during this period are worthwhile; easy and simple to grow, diversify autumn meals and enrich them with nutrients. So without delay, you need to prepare the soil for sowing or planting after the equipment of previous plants and cleaning the bed of plant residues, which we put into a compost pile. Nourished with well-decomposed compost and mineral fertilizers, The dug and carefully raked soil becomes a good substrate for the cultivation of the following plants: butter lettuce, Chinese cabbage, dill, sorrel (as a perennial plantation) and lamb's lettuce.

At the beginning of this month, seedlings are planted: cauliflower (for harvest in October), shortbread lettuce, Głąbików Krakowskie, wish, late kohlrabi, kale.

It reproduces vegetatively by dividing older plants: chives and a seven-year-old, cutting the chives first.

In mid-August it is sown: radish and spinach.

At the end of August, the Brussels sprouts should be topped, that is, remove the top of the plant (not the entire top rosette). This will speed up and allow all the heads to mature evenly.

In August, we continue to harvest fruit from fruit trees. The harvest of summer varieties of apples and pears is carried out several days before full maturity for consumption. We pick apples of autumn varieties two weeks before their maturity, and pears -week. Pick the plums intended for direct consumption with the stalks for baskets or baskets after they are ripe for consumption.. We can collect fruit intended for processing without stalks.

At the end of August, we start harvesting early grapevines. In order to ensure even maturation of the whole bunches, it is advisable to remove the leaves shading the bunches in the first decade of this month. We do it gradually, tearing only part of the leaves first, and the rest after a while. This will prevent the skin from forming too thick.

In August, we inoculate rootstocks planted out in autumn or early spring in order to obtain new trees.

In the decorative part, we carefully care for perennial beds, by weeding them and top dressing them with multi-component mixtures, in dose 20-30 g/m². We remove faded inflorescences, preventing seed setting. Early pruning of perennials has a very positive effect on the further growth and development of plants.

It is also the best time to replant the imperial crown. This month, the white lily is also transplanted. You can also divide and plant peonies now. The transplanting of biennial plants from the seedbed into a permanent place also begins. August is the proper planting date for winter hardy ornamental shrubs, deciduous and coniferous: Rhododendrons, cypresses, junipers, Thuja Planting of bulbs also begins.