Large-flowered purslane – Rezeda wonna – sunflower

Large-flowered purslane – Rezeda wonna – sunflower


Large-flowered purslane (Portulaca grandiflora) is a small plant (with a height from 15 do 20 cm), about creeping stems. Equilibrium leaves, fleshy. Big flowers, single or full, slightly wavy, silky petals and yellow centers. The flowers only open on sunny days. They come in a wide variety of colors – from white and yellow through all shades of red to dark purple. It blooms from July to late fall. The seeds are sown in well-cultivated land at the end of April and in May or June, in rows distant by 20 cm and then we stop, leaving plants co 15 cm. The purslane can be used on the borders, discounts, in rock gardens, on walls and in pot cultivation on balconies. It works on any light soil, warm and permeable. Sunny position. Because the seeds are very fine, you should mix them with sand.


Rezeda wonna (Reseda odorata) it is grown for its very pleasant smell. The stems are branched, slightly fluff, ended with a cluster-like inflorescence at the top. The flowers are small, inconspicuous, about strong, pleasant smell, are usually green-yellow or green-red in color. It is a honey plant. It blooms from July to October. It grows best in a sunny position, but it also tolerates partial shade. Requires fertile soil, containing a lot of caries and calcium. It is sown from late March to the second decade of June. It blooms in 8-10 weeks from the date of sowing. It is planted in rows every 25-30 cm and breaks like this, that the plants are located at 10 cm. Requires moist soil. Of the varieties, you can recommend: Improved – green-orange flowers with a red tinge, Machet the White Pearl – green and white flowers, Machet Rubin – cupricorubine, can be grown in pots.


sunflower (Helianthus annuus) grown for tasty seeds, it can be a decoration of a flower garden and is sometimes used for interior decoration. Due to the long stem, this plant should be sown next to fences, e.g.. as a cover for the compost pile. It blooms from July to October. It is demanding in terms of soil, it grows abundantly only in fertile lands and in sunny places. It should be remembered that this plant impoverishes the soil, depriving it of nutrients. It is sown from April to mid-May. If sunflowers are placed in a group, plant spacing should be 30-40 cm., if in line – we create rows what 50 cm, and the seeds in a row we sow what 25 cm (after 2-3 art in one place).