Peony, called a peony (Pioneer). is a cut flower plant. It looks best in independent groups. They are perennials with bulbous thickened roots or shrubs (they freeze in our climatic conditions). They grow up to height 60-100 cm and grow strongly to the sides. Peony has large leaves, deep-cut and enormous flowers often consisting of a multitude of petals. These flowers are mounted on stiff stems and are well suited for interior decoration. Peonies breed at the end of August, dividing their underground parts. Be careful when dividing plants, that each part prepared for planting has 2-3 healthy, fleshy roots and 2-3 Donuts. It should be planted like this, that the donuts are not deeper than 5-8 cm below the ground. By planting a cut flower, a spacing of 80X40 cm is assumed (exceptionally strong specimens of luxuriantly growing varieties – 100X50 cm). When planting in groups, for garden decoration, a spacing of 50X50 cm is used. Peonies grow and bloom best in open and sunny places. They bloom longer in light partial shade, but less abundantly. They require fertile soils, carious, slightly sour, deeply dug and filled with manure or compost. They can grow in one place 8-15 years.

The varieties of Chinese peony are most often grown (Paeonia lactiflora), plants ranging in height from 60 do 100 cm. Her flowers are single, full or half full (most often cultivated), white, pink and red, less often yellow. The more effective varieties are: Maxima Festival – about white flowers; Jeanne D'Arc – creamy; Shirley Tempie – i as long as – salmon pink; Adolphe Rosseau – purple.

In the countryside, you can often find a medicinal peony (Paeonia officinalis). Its plants are medium tall, do 60 cm, leaves slightly leathery, tripartite, about sections of the entire coast. It blooms very early – in May and has red flowers in the form of a cup. Cultivated varieties have full and semi-double flowers, White, pink and red.

The earliest flowering peony is the delicate peony (Paeonia tenuifolia). It grows up to the height 30-50 cm. It blooms in early May. Its leaves are delicate, finely pinnate. Red flowers.

Many varieties of peonies bloom in June.