Nurturing older trees after planting

Nurturing older trees after planting.

Older trees, after planting, are mainly exposed to difficulties in water intake, because they have a reduced root system in relation to the crown. The water shortage will therefore be greatest in trees that are replanted without preparation, the smallest in the prepared. Taking care of such trees consists primarily in providing the amount of water required by the tree, that is, on systematic watering. It is also important to keep the soil surface loosened and to cover it with mulch, which provides air access to the roots. Infestation is very dangerous for such trees. The growth of weeds may lead to the depletion of water and nutrients from the soil around the block. This can be a great threat to the tree. In order to reduce the loss of water increased by heating the surface of the trunk and branches on sunny days, they are wrapped with jute or paper fabrics. These covers should not be too thick, as this makes it difficult for them to dry out and can lead to rotting of the bark.