Decorative plants



Petunia (Petunia hybrida), sometimes called a concession, mainly used to decorate balconies and window boxes, can be planted in flower beds. These plants grow to a height of 15 do 90 cm. Stems are raised or serrated, sticky, hairy. Leaves opposite or twisted, fleshy, whole bank. Chalice flowers, seated singly on stalks in the leaf axils. Petunia varies widely in flower structure; there are varieties with single, small or giant flowers, with full or semi-double flowers, about the petals of the full-rim crown, even or wavy, as well as jagged ones. The flowers are white, pink, purple or purple. It blooms from May to October.

Sow the petunia in the second half of February or at the beginning of March in boxes filled with leaf or frame soil with sand. The seeds are very small and therefore are not covered with soil. We also quilt seedlings into boxes, from where, after some time, we transplant them into 10-centimeter pots after 3 plants together. We transfer the pots with plants to the inspection, where from at the end of May or the beginning of June we leave for permanent places. Tall varieties are planted at a distance of 25X30 cm, low – 15X20 cm. Petunias grow well in any soil, they are characterized by high resistance to drought, they tolerate transplanting well even during flowering. However, they require a sunny position.

The varieties of petunias are classified by size, flower structure and growth.

Petunia hybrida fimbriata nana – show. 30 cm, large flowers, in diameter 7-8,5 cm, edge petals slightly cut and strongly curled. Variations: Evening sun – pink flowers with a carmine tinge; Blue moth – aksamitne, dark purple; Carmencita - salmon with a shade of red; Gottfried Michaelis -purpurowoczerwone; Lace Veil – pure white, the edges of the petals are strongly curled; Tango – dark salmon scarlet.

Petunia hybrida grandiflora nana – show. 25-30 cm, large flowers in diameter 8,5-10 cm, wavy petals, whole bank. Variations: Bingo - red with white, irregular stripes or white with red stripes, Biaues More – dark blue; Marine – dark blue, Pink Cloud – shiny pink; Rotes More – purple-red; White cloud (White Cloud) – pure white; Winnetou - fiery red with a salmon shade, with a lighter throat.

Petunia hybrida grandiflora superbissima nana – show. 15-30 cm, very large flowers, in diameter 11-13 cm, the petals of the flower are wide and very wavy, fancifully overlapping one another. The throat is mottled or striped, lighter or darker than the calyx. White varieties, brick, crimson, lipstick, raspberry, pink.

Petunia hybrida nana compacta – show. 15-30 cm, flowers of medium size, in diameter 5-7 cm, with smooth edges. Variations: Ballet dancer – Sure, salmon pink; Express – lipstick; Heavenly Rose – shiny, pink; Lima – White.

Petunia hybrida pendula (dangling) about length shoots 75-90 cm. dangling, medium-large flowers, with smooth edges. Variations: White, Violet, lipstick, pink.