October in the garden - Gardener's Calendar

October in the garden - Gardener's Calendar.

In early October, they are planted in the fields, fed with well-decomposed compost and phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, winter lettuce for the earliest harvest in spring. To prevent lettuce from freezing into spicy, snowless winters – after stronger frosts pass – it must be covered with conifers, haulm or straw. In the second half of this month we can plant the spring onions to speed up the spring onion equipment with chives and garlic, for a higher yield and an earlier harvest.

October is the month of equipment for most of the vegetables still in the garden, a significant part of which may be reserved for safekeeping. So we prepare rooms intended for this purpose.

In October, it is necessary to process the compost, which we then cover with earth, and after its superficial freezing – haulm, straw.

In October, we finish harvesting the fruit. After the harvest is over, all the fallen fruits, leaves, weeds need to be ripped and placed on a compost heap. Also, collect all the rest from the trees – dried up and rotten – fruit, to reduce the possibility of spreading fungal diseases.

At the beginning of October, for the propagation of currants from annual shoots, lignified cuttings in length are prepared 20-25 cm, cutting from below perpendicular to the axis of the shoot and just below the bud, and at the top obliquely above the bud. The seedlings are placed so deep in the soil, so that one or two buds remain on the surface.

October is the most appropriate time to plant fruit trees and shrubs. When planting on a plot in the employee's allotment garden, we must respect the distance from the plot boundary, established by the POD regulations.

October is also the best date for planting roses. You can still plant tulips. In addition to these plants, lilies of the valley are planted in October.

Dahlias and tuberous begonias are dug up. Some of the annual flowers can now be sown. They grow stronger in spring and bloom even to 6 weeks earlier than sown in spring. They are suitable for such sowing: chaber, delphinium, mak, marigolds, eruption, nigella.