Garden delphinium


The garden larkspur continued (Delphinium cultivation Pacific) it is larger and more impressive than a one-year-old larkspur. It has deep palmate leaves. Flowers gathered in very long apical clusters, single or full, provided with a prominent spur. The flowers are in diameter 4-6 cm and come in various shades of blue – from the color of the clear sky in the morning to the dark blue of the night. There are also white and pink larks. They bloom in the second half of June and the first half of July. Plant height – 100-200 cm. They are planted in flower beds and in perennial groups and for cut flowers. The seeds are sown in April – June to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. Requires quilting. They are planted permanently in September, spaced 50X80 cm. Requires fertile soil, loamy-sandy, sunny position. Variations: Astolat – pink to lilac pink shades with a dark or white center; Black Knight – dark purple with a black center; Blue Bird – blue with a white center; Gaiahad – White; Guinevere – Sure, rosewood leaves with a white center; King Arthur – purple-violet with a white center; Summer Skies – light blue with a white center.

Large-flowered, lower than it (Delphinium grandiflorum), which grows up to height 40-50 cm and has large flowers, azure-blue. It can be sown in March – April straight to the ground.