Impatient (Irresistible balsam), called balsamin, has thick stems, fleshy, smooth. Lanceolate leaves, leathery, lasting all winter. Flowers gathered in dense clusters, with vivid colors from white, through all shades of red, to purple. I bloom from July to autumn frosts. Plant height 20-70 cm. Application: for discounts, fringes, rock gardens, low walls.

Seeds are sown in March or April for inspection. They are quite large, so it is recommended to sow them rarely, to avoid quilting. In May, you can sow directly into the ground. They are planted permanently together with a lump of earth, at the end of May, spaced 25X40 cm.Requires fertile soil, carious, sufficiently moist. Likes a sunny position or light partial shade.

Depending on the structure of the flower, balsamin is divided into breeds: rose – show. 60-70 cm, full and semi-double flowers, about the rose arrangement, varieties: White, Red, salmon pink and pink;

camel – show. 60 cm, large flowers, full, about the camellia arrangement, varieties: pink, pink with white, scarlet;

dwarf – show. 25-40 cm, full flowers, large, in the shape of roses, are placed above the leaves, varieties: White, pink scarlet.