Narcissus (Narcissus) grows well in any average soil. It is very much liked as a cut flower and is no less useful for decorating a garden. Perfect for driving. It grows up to the height 10-40 cm, has flat leaves, sometimes tubular, large flowers, often, though not always, bliss, 6-flaky. In the flower of the cup. Blooms, depending on the species and variety, from April to June.

It is propagated from adventitious bulbs, around the mother onion. After the leaves are dry, at the end of July – of August, the bulbs are dug up, after drying and cleaning, it is planted again. Narcissists can grow in one place 4-5 years. They are planted to a depth 10 cm, co 10-20 cm (depending on the size of the bulbs). There are approx 10 groups of narcissists, of which four groups are of greater importance: trumpet, large-cup, small-cupped and full-flowered.

The white narcissus is the longest known and cultivated one (The poetic Narcissus). It grows up to 40 cm. It has white flowers with orange, undulating center (cap), embedded individually, fragrant. It blooms in May. His Cheerfulness variety has creamy white flowers, full.

Narcyz is working (Narcissus pseudonarcissus), wrongly called a daffodil (the daffodil has finer flowers, embedded after 2-6 on the stem, short cap, tubular leaves, rarely grown in our country), it has a stem ending in a single flower, with a strongly developed cup, longer or the same length as the perianth petals. It blooms in April. The flowers are often yellow (in various shades), delicately fragrant, though there are also varieties without smell.