Purple foxglove


Purple foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) creates inflorescence shoots exceeding heights 1 meters. The stems are usually straight, erected high, ovate-lanceolate leaves, sharply notched.

Flowers, in diameter 5-6 cm, they have the shape of overhangs, elongated bells, gathered in long inflorescences in the form of clusters (ears of corn). The flowers are multi-colored, scratched and flaming, they develop from bottom to top. Foxglove blooms from June to August. It is intended for planting rebates, in groups and on a cut flower. Requires light soil, permeable, not too wet, sunny position.

The seeds are sown on the seedbed in the second half of May or the first half of June. When the plants come up, we stop them like this, so that what 10 cm, or we quilt, keeping the same distance. Digitalis is transplanted permanently in September, co 30-40 cm. It can also be sown immediately in a permanent place, at points spaced at 30 cm. Mainly varieties are grown: Excelsior -wise. 150 cm, large flowers of different colors, stacked densely, perpendicular to the stem; Gloxiniaefiora – show. 120 cm, large flowers, dangling, arranged in a one-sided inflorescence, in different colors, speckled and with spots; monstrosa (campanulate – bell-shaped) -show. 100 cm, large flowers, densely arranged around the stem, the apex flower is strongly developed and widely and bell-shaped, with various colors.