Slope – Medical calendula

Slope – Medical calendula


Slope (Calliopsis tinctoria), also called a fire plug, it is grown for bedding and cut flowers. It is similar to space, but it does not grow so high. Depending on the variety, its height varies from 20 do 70 cm. The leaves are pinnate, slightly fleshy. Flower baskets have 4-6 cm in diameter and consist of flowers with colors: yellow, brown, lipstick, rusty. The flowers consist of several 2-, 3-centimeter petals, surrounding darker, convex center. They are longitudinally crinkled. The slope has low soil requirements, grows well even in sandy soils. Sunny position. The seeds are sown in early April, in rows what 20-30 cm, then stops, leaving plants co 15-20 cm. It blooms in 10-12 weeks after sowing and blooms until September. The two-color low slope is perfect for borders. Variations. Golden Sovereign – orange flowers, Crimson King – dark crimson light brown. Tetra Gold Teppich - golden yellow with a purple-red center.


Medical calendula (Calendula officinalis) it grows up to the height 30-50 cm. The stem is upright, broad-blade lower leaves, the upper ones are lanceolate or elongated, flower baskets in diameter 4-6 cm, with orange and yellow flowers in various shades. Marigolds are not very demanding on soil, but they need a lot of sun.

Seeds are sown in early April in co rows 20-30 cm. The seedlings are interrupted, leaving plants co 15-20 cm. Sown too densely and unbroken, they are often affected by powdery mildew. It blooms from July to October. They can be sown until July, then the flowering period can be postponed until late fall. The most valuable are the varieties with full and semi-double flowers.