Garden mallow


Garden mallow, otherwise tall marshmallow (Althaea rosea), is often considered a typical Polish plant. It is one of the tallest ornamental plants – it grows up to the height 2-3 m. It has stiff stems, thick, rough, hairy. Large leaves, also rough Large flowers, swollen, full, semi-double or single, they grow on the stem from the leaf axils, forming very long inflorescences. They bloom from July to September. They are planted in larger groups or individually at fences, gazebos and cut flower. Mallows require fertile and fairly moist soil. They grow well on sandy ground with a large admixture of compost. They don't like concise, wet clays. It blooms best, in full sun. The seeds are sown in mid-May – June to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. When the seedlings develop 2-3 leaves, they are quilted or already planted permanently, spaced 50X70 cm. In winter, it is advisable to cover the plants a little. Grown plants sometimes need to be tied to stakes, because they have a tendency to hatch and break in stronger winds Malwa can survive in the same place even 3-4 patch, however, it develops the most beautiful flowers in the second year of growing. The Althaea rosea fl breed is characterized by a strong growth. pl. chater – show. 250 cm. It has blunt inflorescences, very large flowers, semicircular, full and half full. Its varieties are blooming: White, carmine, lilafioletowo, salmon, pink, scarlet, yellow cream.