Medicinal poppy – Maciejka – Annual menstruation

Medicinal poppy – Maciejka – Annual menstruation


Medicinal poppy (Papaver somniferum) is a fairly well-known plant. It grows up to the height 120 cm. It has a stiff one, thick, not branched stems, large leaves, oblong ovate, not split, sharply serrated, bluish, large flowers, single and full, one at the end of the stem, different color – from white to dark purple. The seeds are sown from April, remembering, that the poppy can't stand transplanting. A spacing of every should be kept 10-30 cm. It blooms from June to August. To extend flowering, we can sow the seeds several times during the summer – at intervals.


Maciejka (Metthiola bicornis) due to its pleasant and intense fragrance, it is willingly grown in gardens. The stems are branched and creeping. Lanceolate leaves, serrated. Flowers inconspicuous, minor, rose-lavender, consisting of 4 petals, gathered in loose clusters, closed during the day, open at night, they give off a strong smell. It grows up to the height 30-40 cm. Sowing starts at the beginning of April (it is worth sowing it at 2 weeks), ends in the last decade of May. It is planted in rows distant by 20 cm. After rising, we stop, leaving in rows what 5 cm. Maciejka blooms in 6-8 weeks after sowing. It grows well in any garden soil. Sunny or partial shade position.


Annual menstruation (Lunaria Annua), monthly, it is grown mainly for dry bouquets. The stems are thin, branched, large leaves, heart-shaped, serrated. Small flowers, white or purple-purple, collected in apex, canopy clusters of pleasant, secreted in the evening, the smell. It blooms from May to July. It grows up to 90-120 cm. It can be grown on perennial beds, in groups, for cutting into dry bunches, because its big, elliptical, after drying, the silvery partitions of the seed pods are decorative and very durable. Sown in May and June in rows co 30-40 cm and leaves the plants after breaking what 20-30 cm. They hate overdoing it.