Mahonia – Migdatek


Mahonia common (Mahonia aquifolium) is a low shrub with very decorative leaves, not falling for the winter. They are dark green, spiky toothed and as if covered with varnish. The twigs of this shrub are used to make wreaths. The leaves turn red in autumn, „Mahoniowego” shade (hence the name). Yellow flowers. Dark blue fruit gathered in clusters. It is a good plant for low hedges and bedding borders. It has low soil requirements, grows well in average soils and in shaded places - under trees and shrubs. Can be propagated from seed, which should be sown immediately after harvesting, in September. Young seedlings need to be quilt, planting at a distance of 20X10 cm, and trim the plants after a year, for them to spread better.


Tonsil (Amygdalus), also called almond or almond, is a shrub with beautiful, pink flowers similar to small ones, full of florets. These flowers are placed densely along the rodents, shoots bending slightly under their weight. They bloom in late April and early May. The tonsil grows most strongly and blooms in fertile soil, quite damp. It is not very resistant to frost and requires protection for the winter. It is propagated by grafting in Alych and can be grown in a bushy and woody form. Root suckers should be removed. The most beautiful species is the three-lobed tonsil (Amygdalus triloba), which has beautiful pink flowers arranged around the tops of the twigs.