Snapdragon (Antirrhinus major), the proper name of the Snapdragon larger, is one of the most durable plants grown primarily as cut flowers. Depends on the variety, reaches a height of 15 do 160 cm. Its stems are stiff or slack, longer or shorter, more or less branched, opposite leaves, lancetowate, fleshy. The flowers are gathered in very dense clusters. It blooms after 10 weeks after sowing, most often from June to August. The flowering period can be extended, removing faded inflorescences. The flowers are double-lipped, with mouth-shaped curved lips, with pure colors, solid or two-colored (except for the color blue). The flowers unfold one after another, starting from the lowest on the stem.

The seeds should be sown in March or April for a warm inspection, or in April on a seedbed or directly into the ground, for permanent places. On the seedbed, when sparse seeding is used, seedlings do not need to be picked. Plants are planted permanently from the beginning of May – dwarf varieties with a spacing of 15X25 cm and semi-high varieties with a spacing of 40X40 cm. After planting, it is recommended to pinch off the main shoot, which causes the plant to spread more strongly, and thus its flowering more abundantly. Snapdragon has a wide range of uses, because it is suitable for discounts and borders as well, as already noted, for a cut flower. Snapdragon requires a sandy loam soil, permeable, sunny position. We divide the lion's mouth into groups, taking into account the height of the plants and the size of the flowers:

Antirrhinum the greatest – show. 70-90 cm, medium stiff or stiff shoots, length inflorescences 20-50 cm, large flowers, set quite densely. Variations: old gold – golden orange flowers, clear throat, orange-pink; Defiance – intense blood-red flowers, cherry-magenta throat; Irene – lilacose; canary – canary yellow, jasmine citrine throat; Karmazyn – purple-red, purple-white throat; Mandarin – orange with a shade of orange-brick, pale carmine throat; Pink morning light – pale pink with a salmon shade, with a yellow center, white throat; Scarlet giant – bright lemon red, Magenta pink throat; Snow White – snow-white, canary yellow center; Velvet Giant -purpurowowiśniowe, purple-white throat;

Antirrhinum the greatest – Sentinel – show. 80-100, compact habit, very stiff shoots, length inflorescences 30-40 cm, large flowers. Variations: Cava!1st – orange / salmon, red carmine throat; Commander – dark, carmine red with a yellow spot on the lower lip, throat! light pink; cheerleader – dark-rose; Pace – dark pink with a small white spot on the lip; Uhlan – yellow citric, white throat; White Spire – pure white with a yellow spot on the lower lip;

Antirrhinum largest dwarf – show. 40-60 cm, vigorously growing plants, the inflorescences are compact, length 20-30 cm, large flowers. Variations: Lantern – blood red, light magenta throat; Flamingo – pink, Golden Monarch – dark canned yellow, jasmine citrine throat; Avalanche – pure white with a light yellow spot on the lower lip; Orange Glow – salmon-orange; Rose mary – pink-salmon with a yellow spot on the lower lip; Welcome -karminowoczerwone;

Antirrhinus majus is the largest dwarf hyacinth – show. 50-60 cm, plants of a compact habit; stiff shoots, length inflorescences 20-30 cm, large flowers, stacked densely, similar to hyacinths blunt ended. Variations; Eris – lemon yellow; Odysseus - orange-salmon, white throat; Paris – dark, blood red, throat! White; Penelope – white with a slight lemon bloom on the lower lip; Sigrun – scarlet red; Stephanie - dark, salmon-orange;

Antirrhinus greater pumulus – show. 15-25 cm, compact plant habit, short stems, small flower ears. Varieties with different colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, carmine, scarlet.