November in the garden - Gardener's Calendar

November in the garden - Gardener's Calendar.

The most important works this month will include preparing the garden for winter, and so:

– collecting the remaining plant residues from the beds, the remaining fruits of the trees. Place all healthy leftovers in a compost pile, chore, especially the fruit – mummy, we bury it deep, sprinkling with lime, so that they do not become a source of infection next season;

– liming the earth. Please note, what 3-4 for years the earth requires liming. It is a very important cultivation procedure, because it causes deacidification not only of the soil, but it has a positive effect on its structure;

– fertilization with organic fertilizers, especially the part intended for the cultivation of certain vegetable and ornamental plants. There is an indication of fertilizing with manure 3-4 patch, also the orchard part;

– fertilization before digging the soil with mineral fertilizers;

– deep digging of the soil, leaving it "in a sharp furrow."”;

– cleaning of tools and greasing on metal parts.

In the vegetable part in November, we perform:

– harvest of the last vegetables: late cabbage – white, red and Italian, Beijing, Brussels, leeks and kale;

– covering vegetables sown in the fall;

– beginnings of forcing vegetables: parsley, onions on chives, chives, lettuce chicory.

In the orchard part:

– we protect grapevines against frost;

– in the third decade of November – until mid-December – we prepare lignified currant cuttings for their propagation;

– we protect trees against frost, especially freshly planted.

In the decorative part:

– we cover roses to protect them from frost;

– we plant lilies of the valley;

– we protect some perennials and biennials for the winter, especially perennials planted in September and October;

– remove and trim all dead and dried up plant parts, leaves, inflorescence shoots, seed boxes on perennial beds. Winter-hardy perennials are an exception here, irises and daylilies, which are not pruned.