July in the garden - Gardener's Calendar

July in the garden - Gardener's Calendar.

In July, a lot of vegetables and flower bulbs are harvested, which makes it possible to cultivate vegetable catch crops and thus obtain two harvests from the same area during one growing season. Therefore, do not delay the preparation of the soil for the next sowing of vegetables. It is sown right into the ground: red beet, most preferably the Czerwona Kula variety, green and yellow-brown dwarf beans for late autumn harvesting of fresh pods, early carrot varieties for autumn harvest or possibly in areas with milder climates – overwintering in the ground. We can also sow white Munich radish for late autumn use and short storage, and black radish for winter storage until mid-July., as well as turnips for the autumn harvest, kohlrabi late, dill.

In addition to kohlrabi, medium late varieties of butter lettuce and stem lettuce are sown on the seedbed or in the frame box. (Cracow Głąbiki). Seedlings are blown to the ground: broccoli and kale, and in the second half of July crispy lettuce.

In the first days, we finish thinning apple buds, usually later varieties. We continue harvesting strawberries, wild strawberries and cherries, and we start harvesting the currants, malin, cherries, apricots, as well as early apples and pears.

We are also reviewing in the first days of July – and loosen up as needed – binding grafts and twigs bent during tree formation.

In the second half of July, we finish the strawberry harvest and right after it is harvested – on young plantations – we proceed to remove the litter and cut the leaves to the height 5-7 cm above the ground. Old strawberry leaves are a source of fungal diseases, and, moreover, they make it difficult to control the strawberry mite, feeding on the youngest leaves. If the strawberries are heavily infested with spider mites, after harvesting the fruit, we spray the plantations with Roztoczol ex. Pł. 8 in concentration 0,2% or Rospin 25 EC (in the same concentration).

In July, 4-year-old strawberries must be removed, digging the beds deep with a spade.

Gripping bands made of crimped paper are placed on the trunks of fruit trees in order to catch apple caterpillars.

In July, tulip bulbs are dug up. The appearance of the bulbs dug out for a test determines the date of the excavation (if 1/3 the scales are browned).

Mallows are sown, daisies, pansies and forget-me-nots. Some autumn flowering tubers are also planted, like for example. crocuses, witty situations, ground cyclamens.

We systematically remove faded inflorescences, we mow lawns and cut hedges.