Summer lion


Summer lion (Matthiola incana annua) belongs to the particularly popular, although quite difficult to grow ornamental plants. It has an upright stem, single or branched, reaching a height from 20 do 90 cm, covered like the leaves (whole bank, lancetowate) – gray cutter. Flowers – full or single, collected in loose or clustered ears – they smell strongly and are extremely colorful. Full-flowered varieties are the most valuable. They are mainly grown as cut flowers, for discounts, borders or as a potted flower.

We sow the seeds – depending on the destination – from mid-February to the end of March in the inspectorate. We also quilt the seedlings in the inspection, spaced 5X8 cm. Adequate soil moisture should be maintained, water it moderately and ventilate frequently. We put the left-hand gun to the ground at the beginning of May. Let's remember, that the seedling is overgrown and the old one is not well received. We plant it at a distance of 15X20 cm. Requires a sunny location, fertile land, deeply cultivated. During drought, the lily of the valley should be watered frequently and abundantly, especially when it begins to develop inflorescences and blooms. Levkonia should not be planted in place, which previously grew cruciferous vegetables, due to the possibility of disease infestation.

All varieties of Levkonia are classified into three breeds depending on the length of the growing season, of which it is suitable for field cultivation:

Matthiola incana annual fl. pl. – Bomb – show. 60-75 cm, pyramidal habit, branching plants, large flowers. Repeats flowering. Seems above 50% full flowers, has varieties with white flowers, red, canary yellow, pink, silvery lily;

Matthiola incana annual fl. pl. – Dresdeners, Dresden – show. 50-60 cm, compact plant habit, stems highly branched, long flower ears. Repeats flowering. It has variations in colors: white, red, canary yellow, light pink, silvery lily. Seems above 50% full flowers;

Matthiola incana annual fl. pl. – Bronowicka – show. 36-55 cm, flowers in 100% full, with a rubella structure. It has varieties: White, creamy yellow, lilac pink, pink.