Decorative plants

Obretion – Orlik


Obretion (Aubrieta), also called żagwinem, is low (10-15 cm) a perennial that forms a beautiful, tight carpets. The shoots form a dense “turf”. Elliptical leaves, flowers gathered in sparse clusters at the top of the stem. Requires light soil, dry, permeable. In snowless winters, it needs a cover. It blooms from April to June. We sow the seeds in April – June to a cold inspection. Requires quilting. Plants are planted permanently in September, spaced 15X20 cm. Aubrieta cultorum hybrida has large flowers, carmine color, purple and lavender. There are also white and pink flowering varieties.


Orlik (Aquilegia) has flowers of an exceptionally original shape; 5 petals (at the bottom with spurs, and at the top dullly) it makes a kind of bell, while 5 the rest, longer and sharply ended, wraps it around him with a loose "collar”. They are highly branched plants, about compound leaves, tripartite, cut and naked stalks, finished with flowers. It blooms from June through July, it is perfect for cut flowers and for perennial beds. The eagles are not particularly picky perennials – require average, fertile and fairly moist soil. They both grow in the sun, as well as in light partial shade.

The seeds are sown in April – July to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. Requires quilting. The plants are planted permanently in September, spaced 20X30 cm. They grow rather poorly in the first year and bloom only in the following year. Cover them lightly in winter.

Usually, hybrids of the common spotted eagle are cultivated (Aquilegia vulgaris hybridus). His dwarf race (nana), about height 30 cm, creates compact bouquets of small flowers, in diameter 3,5-4,5 cm, with very short ones, slightly curved spurs. Flowers of different colors, dwubarwne: White, pink, yellow, blue, purple.

Blue spotted eagle (Aquilegia caeruiea) reaches a height of up to 100 cm. Variations: Crimson Star – show. 50 cm, dark sepals, karmazynowoczerwone, crown petals white, long spurs; Mac Kana’s giants – show. 80 cm; flowers in diameter 7-10 cm, very long spurs – do 8 cm, a mixture of colors in various shades: purple, Red, yellow, pink and white; Mrs Scott Elliot hybrida – show. 100 cm, large-flowered mixture in bright colors, pastel shades of colors, long spurs.