April in the garden - Gardener's Calendar

April in the garden - Gardener's Calendar

In April, in all parts of the country, you can start working in our garden in spring – soil cultivation as well as sowing and planting vegetables resistant to the cold weather prevailing at that time and some ornamental plants. You should start growing it right away, when the ground becomes dry enough after it thaws, that it does not smear and does not stick to tools. If the soil was deeply dug before winter and partially fed with mineral fertilizers, in spring, cultivation should be limited to scorching, relatively shallow digging and supplementing fertilizer doses. After moving the land, you have to grab it immediately, so that it does not dry out in deeper layers and does not clump on the surface. Organic fertilizers given in the spring, like manure or compost, they must be well distributed.

Sowing is done in spring at the earliest: parsley, carrot, scorzonera, broad bean, seasons, onions and from pre-crop vegetables: spinach, radish, summer radish, butter and crispy lettuce, peas green, dill.

In the second half of this month, straight to the ground, red and leaf beetroot and sunflower seeds are sown. At this time, you can sow kitchen spices – savory and marjoram.

One of the first spring works is also the preparation of the seedbed.

At the end of the second decade of April, to speed up the harvest, it is sown in an apartment into pots or other containers: cucumbers, zucchini, squashes, sweetcorn.

In the orchard part, the most important works this month are: complete pruning and shaping of fruit trees and shrubs, grafting, planting, and fertilizing trees, and fruit bushes. Trimming trees planted in the fall is a very important activity performed most often in the first days of April. This cutting facilitates the adoption of the trees, contributes to their good growth and enables the formation of a proper crown. In April, we carry out protective treatments depending on the development phase of fruit trees and shrubs. Winter spraying with Carboline DNK can also be performed in order to destroy wintering forms of pests, mainly aphids, apple honeysuckle, pre-primeval period, jumpers, apple tree tent, turtle dove, plum cake. Fertilizing will be the next step. It is best to fertilize the trees based on the results of leaf and soil analysis, as well as observing the appearance of trees, the size of their fruiting and the quality of the fruit.

In the beds of strawberries and wild strawberries, the inter-rows must be loosened, rake and burn old leaves and supply the plants with mineral fertilizers.

We transplant perennials, which bloom in summer and fall. When the plants are strong, overgrown, after digging, we divide them into parts, keeping watchful, that they have well-developed buds and the right amount of roots. For sharing in April, they are suitable: the bell is focused, goldenrod, paniculate flame, rudbekia, switch, thyme, boroughs, day lily, funky, bergenia, barwinek, violet, larkspur, purgatory, birthday, sedum, clove, jastruń, asters and yarrow.

Perennials can also be propagated much faster and without digging up the mother plant – through seedlings. This is how you can multiply: milfoil, aster, sedum, heliopsis, boroughs, paniculate flame, goldenrod.

In April, it can be planted permanently: bearded cloves, foxgloves and mallow.

You can also plant roses in April. We also discover roses protected for winter and cut them accordingly.

In the period of bursting flower buds and the appearance of leaf tips in fruit trees, spray against scab on apple and pear trees.