Milfoil – Len – Slope


Milfoil (Yarrow), also called a kichawiec, creates tall plants (do 120 cm) and creeping up. It succeeds on each, not very heavy soil. The plant has flower baskets composed of lingual or tubular flowers, collected in dense, complex corymbose. Most species have an aromatic smell. The seeds are sown in May – June to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. Requires quilting. They are planted permanently in September, spaced 20X30 cm, to a sunny position. Lyme yarrow (Achillea filipendulina), variety Parkers varietaet, he is tall (100-120 cm), the flowers are yellow, complex inflorescences, with a diameter above 15 cm, pinnate leaves, gray-green. It blooms from July to October. It is used for perennial beds, clusters, for cut flowers and dry bouquets.


Durable linen (Perennial flax) forms dense clumps of numerous, thin stems, heights 40-60 cm, narrow leaves. It has numerous, neat, blue (less often white) flowers, which closes around noon. The plant blooms from June to August. Seeds are sown for a cold inspection or on a seedbed from April to June, and then it is transplanted to a permanent place, keeping the distance between the plants – 20-25 cm. It is grown in light soil, fertile.


Large-flowered slope (Coreopsis grandiflora), also called a fire plug, grows up to a height of 30 do 90 cm. Stems erect, branched, leaves lanceolate or equilibrium. Single flower baskets on long stalks. It blooms from July to September. It is used for planting perennial beds, borders and cut flower. We sow the seeds in April – May to a cold inspection or on a seedbed. Requires quilting. It is planted permanently in August – September, spaced 25X30 cm. It succeeds on each, not too heavy, soil, in a sunny position or in partial shade. Variations: Badengold – show. 90 cm, single inflorescences, in diameter 9 cm, golden yellow flowers; Sun child – show. 40 cm, compact plant habit, single inflorescences, in diameter 4-5 cm, lemon yellow flowers, with a brown-red border at the base; full bloom Sunburst – show. 60-80 cm, semi-double inflorescences, flowers-golden-yellow.