Garden blanket


Garden blanket, (Helichrysum) doormat or dog tag, it is mainly used for cut flowers, dried for bouquets and wreaths. The Helichrysum has erect stems, stiff. Leaves oblong-lanceolate or even. Flower baskets set on long stalks, gathered in umbellate panicles. All flowers are tubular in the basket. Basket cover leaves embedded in many rows, search, they are bent inwards in different colors: Red, yellow, pink rusty and white. The Kocanka blooms from July to October. Flowers must be cut in half and dried in the shade, tied in bunches. Plant height – 35-100 cm. The seeds are sown in March or early April in a cold inspection, in May straight to the ground. Requires quilting. It is planted permanently in May, spaced 20X30 cm. Requires fertile soil, permeable, moderately humid and sunny position.