Fir – Pine


Fir (Abies) is a tree with a cylindrical crown, simple, smooth trunk and whorl, evenly distributed branches. Needles flattened, most often with lighter stripes on the underside. Cones set vertically, disintegrating after maturation.

It can be recommended for small gardens: balsam fir (Abies balsamea nana) – a dwarf variety with a spherical habit, bushy. Branches widely spaced, stiff; Korean fir (Korean Abies) – one of the lowest fir trees. It grows very slowly, but already small, a one-meter tree creates very original cones – before ripening violet, grows up to 5 m in height.


Pine (Pinus) is a tree with the most diverse forms and dimensions. Single needles are attached to twigs only in young trees, while in older people after 2, 3 or 5 only on shoots. Usually large cones, dangling, with the exception of limba, it does not disintegrate when ripe.

For planting in gardens, you can recommend the lowest pine tree - mountain pine, that is, mountain pine (Pinus mugo), which in lowland conditions takes very different shapes – from a low spreading shrub to a bush-shaped tree, reaching 20 m in height, and sometimes even more. It even grows on sands.