Hydrangea – Irga – Jasmine


Hydrangea (Hydrangea) is a shrub of varied growth and so e.g.. the tree hydrangea is a tall shrub with pointed leaves–oval, serrated, vivid green, light green on the underside. The flowers are placed in umbels, White; blooms in July or August. A low shrub (about 1 m in height) there is a garden hydrangea. It has straight and thick shoots, leaves length to 15 cm, coarsely serrated, large flowers, blue or pink, collected in large inflorescences, hemispherical or slightly flattened. It blooms in July-August. It is somewhat demanding in terms of soil, needs care and protection for the winter. It is recommended to mound and cover with dry leaves. In the spring, it is advisable to shorten the shoots.


Irga (Cotoneaster) it is a decorative shrub thanks to its fruits of different colors – red in different shades, brown–carmine-scarlet, black. The leaves are full-edge, in some species it is winter hardy. Small flowers, white or pink, single or in multiflorous corymbals. Spherical fruit, minor, mealy. There are many species of irg, therefore they can be used in different ways. In autumn the leaves turn a beautiful yellow to red color. They have high soil requirements and grow best in sunny places. There are species with wide spread, horizontal shoots (Cotoneaster horizontalis). Irgi higher can be used for hedges, cut well.


Jasmine (Philadelphus) is a widely known shrub (mistakenly called jasmine). It is decorative thanks to its beauty, fragrant, white cream flowers, which are single or semi-double or full. There are also species with odorless flowers. The most famous species is Lemoine's jasmine, which has white cream flowers, strongly fragrant. They have a diameter 3-4 cm, are collected after 3-7 in the circle. It blooms in June – July. Its varieties differ in flower size and shape (they are also about full flowers). This shrub is not very picky; grows equally well in partial shade, as well as in a sunny position. Having little space, low varieties can be planted, like for example. Dame Blanche Lub Erectus.