December in the garden - Gardener's Calendar

December in the garden - Gardener's Calendar.

In December, the last month of the calendar year, in favorable conditions and with good organization of work, we prepare a plot or our garden for winter rest, yes, that all works are completed by the end of the year. If we haven't had time yet, now we should still do the following work (if the ground has not frozen and can be cultivated):

– dig it deep, leaving for the winter in the so-called sharp furrow (without alignment and rake);

– if we find, that you need it (we can determine it with an acid meter), we need to do a liming treatment;

– prepare a bed for next year's seedbed and cover it with haulm;

– sow carrots, parsley, dill for the earlier harvest next year;

After the topsoil freezes:

– toss in beds of vegetables lightly for winter harvesting: lamb's lettuce, winter lettuce, leaf parsley, spinach;

– with a thicker layer of insulating material (haulm, straw manure, leaves) cover the bed intended for the seedbed, soil in the inspection box, places intended for cultivation next year under foil tunnels, a compost heap and pores in the garden.

The most important works in this period, apart from those mentioned above, will include the preparation of trees and shrubs for wintering.

You also need to protect the strawberries for the winter, strawberries, blackberries without thorns and perennials. Before the onset of frosts, it is worth covering these plants with straw, leaves or dry haulms.

Where hares and wild rabbits have access to the garden, we have to secure tree trunks with special nets or other covers.

Fruit trees, and especially apple and dwarf pear trees are also threatened by small rodents, how: mice, voles and grubs. These rodents eat the bark from the base of the trunk and thick roots, in dwarf trees, they cut and eat the roots. These pests must be destroyed by laying the poisoned grain. However, the poisoned grain should not be placed in the open, but in different nooks and crannies, in booths, arbors or by trees and cover with a bit of weeds or twigs.

Before winter, it is also worth thinking about our allies in the fight against pests – about birds. Let's prepare appropriate feeders for them and let's not forget to feed them, when the snow falls.