Sweet peas (Scented brick) has limp shoots, thin, length 1-2 m, clinging to supports with tendrils set on the tips of the leaves. So it is a climbing plant and is suitable for covering low fences and creating curtains. Usually, however, the peas are grown as a cut flower. The pea flowers are light, "Butterfly” building, are gathered in groups after 4-10 pieces, set on long stalks, with vivid colors, often two-color or with delicate stripes, strongly fragrant. The peas bloom from June to September. We sow the seeds in mid-April, most often in rows – after 2-3 seeds at intervals of 8 cm. To accelerate its flowering, we can sow a few seeds into pots in March, and at the end of April, plant the plants into the ground, taking them out of the pots along with the entire lump of earth, so as not to damage their roots. Peas require a sunny position, fertile land, deeply cultivated. The plants will be stronger and will branch out more, if we cut off their main momentum on high 10-15 cm. Feeding plants with diluted liquid manure and removing faded flowers (very important!) has a positive effect on flowering, as well as to extend its period.

We cultivate the following breeds and varieties:

Lathyrus odoratus cuthbertson floribunda – show. 100 cm, a breed of peas strongly growing, with large flowers (diameter 4-5 cm), with slightly wavy petals. The flowers are embedded after 4-7 on stalks of length 40-50 cm.

We distinguish between varieties here: Astrid – light lavender flowers, knoll – light cherry with a scarlet-red shade, Daisy -white, Evelyn – light salmon with a shade of pink, Frank G. – light lavender with a shade of pink. Flora – pale carmine pink, Jimmy – scarlet, Lois – pink, Peggy – dark lavender with a touch of purple, Ruth – dark pink, Tommy – blue.

Lathyrus odoratus multiflorus giganteus – show. 100 cm, early-flowering, large-flowered, inmates after 5-10 on long ones, stiff flower stalks – do 40 cm in length. Variations: Carmen – carmine pink flowers. Gloria – dark pink. Grace – lavender, June – cherry-pink, Lily – White, Marilyn – cherry scarlet, Susie – light salmon with a touch of pink, Vicki - salmon and cherry in a shade of pink.

Thyrus odoratus precox – show. 100-120 cm, early flowering pea breed. Medium-sized flowers in diameter 4,5 cm, after 4-5 on flower stalks in length 20-35 cm. Variations: Atraction – pink flowers, Bright Light – orange-scarlet, Cascade – White, Mariner – blue, Wancynell – dark salmon with a shade of pink, Shirley Temple – pale pink, Vulcan -crimson.

Royal scented brick – show. 100 cm with large flowers (diameter 6-7 cm) inmates after 6-7 on stalks in length 30-40 cm. Variations: from white to fiery red and scarlet.

Spencer's perfumed brick – show. 100- 120 cm, with large flowers (diameter 4-5 cm), often with wavy petals, inmates after 4-5 on a peduncle in length 40 cm. Variations: Ambition – lavender pink flowers, Burpees White – White, Charming – cherry-pink, Grand Slam – bright scarlet, Huntsman – scarlet, Mollie – cherry scarlet, Monty – pink, Mrs. R. Bolton - light pink, Reflection – light blue, Ruffled Rose – pink, Ruffled White – White, Smiles – salmon pink, Welcome – scarlet-orange.