Carnation of the Grenadin species


Carnation of the species Dianthus caryophyllus fl. pl. (full-flowered) Grenadin group is grown as a biennial field crop. Reaches height. 50-60 cm, the stems are stiff, large flowers, in diameter 5-6 cm, full, semi-double and single. Variations: Mont-Blanc – pure white; Rosakoenig's – pink, Scarlet Queen – Sure, scarlet red, Sun gold – light yellow, Thousands – light pinkish. They bloom at the end of June, at the beginning of July. They are grown as cut flowers and therefore a separate bed should be allocated for them. They require fertile soil, wet, sandy loam, well-grown, sunny position. Seeds are sown in mid-May for a cold inspection. When the seedlings have 3-4 leaves, they should be quilted at a 5X5 cm spacing. The seedlings are planted into the ground in August, keeping the distance between the plants 25 cm. Plants should be protected against hares in winter.

The bearded carnation is often grown (Bearded Dianthus) called Kartuzy. It has tiny flowers (in diameter 1-2 cm) collected in compact, flat inflorescences on the tops of the shoots. These flowers are white, pink or carmine in many shades, very often mottled – e.g.. white with pink spots, pink with white eyelet. They have a typical strong carnation, kind of spicy, smell. They bloom from mid-June to July inclusive. Plant height 25-60 cm. They are suitable for cut flowers and single-species beds, and for supplementing perennial beds.

Bearded carnation requires fertile, moist soil, loamy-sandy. He likes the sun, but it can grow and in partial shade – it then creates smaller inflorescences. We sow the seeds on the seedbed in June. When the seedlings have po 3-4 quilt pairs of leaves at a distance of 5X5 cm. At the beginning of August, it is worth replanting them to a spare bed, spaced 20X20 cm. In September of the same year or in April of the following year, we plant bearded carnations permanently (with as much soil as possible), keeping the distance between the plants 25-30 cm. They winter better than other carnations. More known varieties can be mentioned: Albus – show. 50 cm, White; Pink Beauty – show. 50 cm, pink-salmon; Scarlet Beauty – show. 50 cm, scarlet red; Nana Indian Carpet – show. 25-30 cm, a mixture of colors: white, pink, salmon, red-scarlet.