Gypsophila refined (Gypsophila elegans) and also known as Gypsophila, has tiny flowers, collected in panicles. It is a great addition to bouquets. It also greatly adorns small multi-colored bouquets. It is most often grown as a bed plant with a height of approx 50 cm. The stems are smooth, thin, shimmering at the top. Narrow leaves, lancetowate. It blooms from June to August inclusive. There is also a variety with larger flowers - Gypsophila elegans grandiflora maxima and a short variety – Gipsophila elegans muralis nana, about small flowers, pink and carmine. It can be used when establishing rock discounts (later, however, it is better to replace it with a permanent species of this genus). The best positions for this plant are sunny places, about dry soil, rich in calcium. The seeds are sown at the end of March and throughout April, in rows distant by 20-25 cm and in a row every 10 cm. If we are sowing in a daylight, the seedlings need to be broken like this, so that the plants remain what 10-15 cm.


Large-flowered godetia (Godetia grandiflora), also called marszawa or summer azalea, for its flowers are indeed like azaleas, grows up to a height of 25 do 50 cm. The flowers are single, half full and full, they are red in color, pink, salmon, they are also two-colored and in different shades. Godecja blooms from June to September inclusive, however, flowering ends earlier in the event of longer rainy periods; rain destroys the delicate flower petals. Suitable for flower beds and cut flowers. It succeeds on each, not too dry and barren soil, requires a sunny position and protection from strong winds. The seeds are sown directly into the ground (does not tolerate overdoing it) in April and May in rows distant by 20-30 cm, high (plant height can be from 25 do 40 cm) – The 35-40 cm. In the rows of plants there should be co 15-20 cm. From varieties they can be planted: Brilliant Wise. 30-40 cm, carmine pink; Dearest – show. 40 cm, pale pink; Meteor – show. 40 cm, carmine scarlet with white spots at the base of the petals; Orange Glory – show. 30 cm, orange-red; Sybil Sherwood – show. 35-40 cm, salmon pink; azalea variety – Fashion show, with different colors, show. 35-40 cm.