Gazania glistening


Gazania glistening (Gazania splendens) it resembles a gerbera in appearance. The plant has short stems, slightly creepy. Leathery leaves, narrow, whole or cut edges. Large flower baskets, set on long stalks. Lingual flowers arranged in one, two or three marginal whorls, tubular flowers fill the center of the basket. Flowers don't like rain – on sunny days, gazania closes these, which have already developed and do not seem to be new. On cloudy days, the flowers are also closed. On sunny days, however, they cheer up the garden, because gazania has a unique variety of colors – has white flowers, creamy, yellow, Orange, Red, pink-red, pink and reddish brown. The plant grows to a height 30-40 cm and is used for discounts, in rock gardens, for cut flowers and for potting.

We sow the seeds in February or March in a greenhouse or in a warm inspection, you can also try to sow into boxes located in the apartment – at the end of March. They come up more or less after 10 days. Weekly seedlings need to be quilted, so that they do not grow denser than what 5 cm. The plant is planted permanently in May, spaced 25X30 cm. Requires fertile soil, dry, permeable and sunny position.