Decorative plants

Gailardia nadobna


Gailardia nadobna, (Gaillardia pulchella), also called knitwear, it grows up to the height 60 cm. The stems are thin, stiff, branched from below, leafy, covered with short hair. Oblong leaves, vane-shaped lower, whole bank, “Sedentary”, with a lapped base, flower baskets up to 7-8 cm, reddish-brown or bi-colored: yellow at the end, brown-purple at the base. It blooms from July to late fall. Application: for discounts, fringes, to create groups, and most often cut flower. It is extremely decorative and very durable after cutting. This plant is not demanding on the soil, and also grows well and blooms even in slightly shaded positions. The seeds are sown in March or April for a semi-warm inspection or in April on the seedbed. We leave for permanent places in May, in spacing 20-30 cm.

Of the varieties, you can recommend: Tetra Crimson – show. 50-60 cm, single inflorescences in diameter 7 cm, lingual flowers are blood red, while the middle ones – tubular, dark, brown-red; Lollipop (full-flowered) – show. 30-45 cm, full inflorescences, with a spherical structure and diameter 5-8 cm, two-color tubular flowers – red-orange, red-yellow, orange-yellow, the edges of the petals are strongly jagged; Lorenziana (full-flowered) – show. 40-50 cm, full inflorescences, spherical construction, in diameter 5-8 cm, two-color tubular flowers with such colors, as in Lollipop.