funky – White goose


funky (Cough) includes several species that are eagerly grown for decorative foliage. They are the main decoration of these plants – very big (30-40 cm in length), egg-shaped, sometimes heart-shaped, often with white or yellow edging or stripes. It blooms from June to August. Tubular flowers, embedded on the top of the shoot, colors from white to lilac in various shades, they have no special ornamental value. Plant height from 40 do 50 cm. It grows in the sun, partial shade and shade on average garden soil, deeply cultivable, sufficiently moist. The functionality is used for large plant beds, creating groups under trees, for planting waterbanks and graves in cemeteries. It reproduces by dividing the underground parts, in the fall or spring, lower species are planted at 30-35 cm, higher species – 40-50 cm. It is completely resistant to frost. We can choose from the following two species: funkia Fortunego (Host of fortune) about height (with an inflorescence) 40 cm. It blooms in July. Light green leaves, length 10-12 cm. Her variation of Marginato – alba has leaves with a white border and height 50 cm. The Gigantea variety grows to a height 70 cm and has large leaves, rounded, steel blue. Hosta glauca is the most decorative, or funkia sina. It grows up to 80 cm in height (along with the inflorescence). Green-blue leaves, length to 30 cm, widths to 20 cm. The blue-violet flowers appear in July – august.


White goose (Caucasian Arabs), about height 10-15 cm, it is grown as a rock plant. It blooms in April – Up. The flowers are white, leaves collected in rosettes, winter hardy. It is propagated by sowing and cuttings, which, however, do not take root easily. It is applied to the borders, rebate edges, flower walls and rock gardens. It grows well even in less fertile and dry soils, requires a lot of light. Of the varieties they deserve attention: Caucasian arabis narta plena – full-flowered dwarf, flowers with a pleasant fragrance, called the dwarf lion. Suitable for cut flower.